Dentures Clark – Full Dentures | Dr Preziosi

Dentures are artificial sets of teeth that fill in major gaps while restoring the appearance of a patient’s smile, as well as their ability to bite and chew easily. Dentures are held in place by latching around the patient’s remaining gum line/jawbone structure. The grip of the full or partial denture can be enhanced by the use of dental creams or adhesives.


If you’re looking for a less expensive, non-intrusive alternative to cosmetic dental surgery that is also easy to maintain, consider dentures! Dentures improve the aesthetics and health of your mouth while making biting, chewing, speaking, and smiling much easier. If you’re ready to enjoy your favorite foods and smile with confidence again, dentures are a great fit for you!


It is important to our team that patients have flexibility in terms of payment. Dr. Preziosi accepts traditional methods of payment, monthly financing, and will discuss with patients the difficulties related to medical insurance coverage for all treatments. If you’re considering dentures, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.